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Toll blending and filling service for the Automotive industry

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Toll Blending

As a toll-blending specialist, we work with you to toll blend water based and glycol based at any specification and obtain any necessary qualification as requested. Our blending creates your premium quality product at a reasonable price. Our Blending services include: 
  • Total stock and inventory management including purchasing and trading of raw materials
  • Multipurpose blending tanks with temperature control
  • A quality management system with ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Products that meet or exceed FMVSS116, SAE J1703 and 1704, ASTM standards
  • Custom blending
  • Flexible tank capacities from 3 to 24 tons, to be adjusted to production volume as required
  • Laboratory analysis support
  • Chemical and equipment control with no contamination
  • Delivery service with shipment directly to your customer or warehouse

Filling Capacity and Packing service

We are a leading service provider of labels and packaging. Products can be packaged in small bottles, gallons, pail, drum, bulks, flexi bags, ISO tanks and IBCs.
  • Our Filling and Packing service include:
  • 4 Filling lines for small packaging bottles in 150 ml to 5000 ml
  • Filling line facilities including manual and automatic machine which is flexible in any packaging
  • Possibility of filling a product in various container sizes, also available in pail, drum, ISO tank, flexi bag and IBC.
  • Total stock and inventory management
  • Support and sourcing available for label and packaging solution

Formulation and Technical support

Thanks to our full-service laboratory we have excellent capabilities for quality control and assurance testing of every batch in production. –On top of that, we have access to an extensive network to provide technical support and develop new products. Our laboratory team can test and analyze with specification tests to meet the requirement standard.

Supply chain and Distribution

We work hard to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products and solutions according to a strict standard, which makes us a reliable partner for timely delivery of products to customers. Our vast experience and high performance in handling production and supply chain requirements plus a wide distribution network and logistical support via our sister companies in Malaysia, Vietnam, China and New Zealand makes us a trusted partner for many multinational companies. Additionally, we have multiple docks for shipping onsite and loading pads for trucks, and an excellent transportation infrastructure over sea, in the air and on the road.